Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Samsung Innov8Run.. the day itself

Okay.. the post will start from how 3 of us (Kel, Mun and me) got into this Innov8run. It all started here..

pic curi from http://world-of-shine.blogspot.com/

A cafe nearby my house. Munster was pestering us to join the competition very the annoying. So we met up at Wang Cafe, brought our laptops and sent in the entries together.


I guess lady luck was on our sides and amazingly, all 3 of us got in!! You can't imagine how excited we were and later then which brought us to the Innov8run get-together lunch. Now.. as in this moment while I'm typing this, here we are again, blogging our experiences to meet the dateline which is by 12am.. Lol..

*Mamma mia's song is on air.. I can see that Munster is getting all excited about it*

So last Saturday, it was the event itself. We were at Samsung Service Centre pretty early because we woke up 5 plus to rush to the Canon Photomarathon.. Hehe..

IMG_0221 copy
Blue sky!

Basically Innov8run consists of 15 teams, each team with 3 participants and one marshall to help us if we encounter any problems with the phone. Three teams are representing the Samsung Fun Club, there are Raj, Joo Hui, Munster, Kong, Daniel, Azri, Lim, Kelvin and me.

So, each team is given two sets of Innov8 phone and with that we have to find our way and solve the clues using whatever resources we have, which means the GPS function, the web browsing feature, calling your mum, your dad, uncle, aunt, bro and etc.

The first challenge was playing the Asphalt 4 using the Innov8 which was connected to the TV. The time actually determined our 'grid position' in the race.

We were car no.13. Lucky number 13!

IMG_7194 copy
Pic by Munster

IMG_0239 copy
Natasha and Kong sticking the Innov8run sticker to the car. Natasha was our marshall on that day.

IMG_0225 copy
My team mates, Lim and Kong

IMG_0231 copy
Lim in action! Lol..

After a few rounds of Asphalt 4, my team got the last in line which means we got flag off the last!

IMG_0247 copy

Lol.. it doesn't really matter anyway because the whole race is more to point system and not who's first in the race. Our first clue was sent in through sms. We were clueless but we know we had to get to Wisma KKAUM. We relied on the GPS to bring us there but we ended up somewhere in Jalan Tandang. It brought the factories area and insisted that Wisma KKAUM was there. It was damn funny..

So after many roundabouts, traffic lights, and U-turns, we were finally there! Wisma KKAUM was actually opposite Tun Hussein Onn Eye Hospital which we passed earlier.


We arrived at the field for some mini games. One to be blindfolded and the other will have to give the instructions to the blindfolded one to perform a task.

IMG_0251 copy

After task, our next stop is the shops around Digital Mall. We were given a list of clues and we had to figure out using the names of the shop around there. It was really hard! Nothing like the Youth Hunt I went 6 years ago! Luckily, Lim was really good in this.

Our next stop is KL Tower. Woohoo, we get to play flying fox! It was okay, not as exciting as the one we had in NS camp. Maybe just a bit when you have to jump off the platform. We had to shoot a video during the flying fox and I think they'll post it up sooner or later. Kong was holding the phone and he faked scream the whole journey down. Haha.. good one. Me? I hate being video-ed. Lol..

IMG_7208 copy
Our lunchbox for that day which we were happily eating.. Pic by Munster. Mine was already happily eating halfway before I remembered to snap a shot of it

IMG_0256 copy
Natasha, Kong, Lim & me.. Yea, ada time to post for the camera some more..

After lunch, we had to rush to Bukit Bintang to find for another Samsung billboard. It was freaking jam that hour.

IMG_0264 copy
Charging the Innov8 in the car..

Next stop was Petaling Street. We had to perform some mini task like finishing the Air Mata Kucing in less than 15 seconds, some sms task, scout for items and another series of clues which we had solved it using the names of the shops around there.


Egg- free! rotten mandarin orange- free! chrysthemum- free! Grape- free! All except the turnip (sengkuang) which we had to buy and the plum (assam) because the owner refused to sell to us! Kedekut betul.. So we had to buy a the drink with plums in it.

IMG_0261 copy

Our last stop was Batu Caves.. Thank god we don't have to climb up the steps! Sky sudah almost gelap that time..

IMG_0274 copy

We submitted our stuffs there, one last group photo and we're off to the finish line!

IMG_0279 copy
Thanks to girl who snap this pic for us.. Sorry I didn't get your name =)

Sakura Kristal @ Melawati for our dinner!

IMG_0283 copy

IMG_2902 copy
Munster and Joo Hui snapping the 'shadow-holding-Innov8' photo.. lol

IMG_0290 copy
Which turn out something like this..

Last but not least, thank you to Samsung for organizing the Innov8run. It was a pleasure and not to mention tons of fun to be part of it.

Thank you to our driver, Kong for being a pemandu yang berhemah.. Lol.. I know your legs sure sakit sangat due to the amount of driving *pardon my malay*. Thank you to Lim, the one who solve almost all of our clues. You amazed me! Thank you to Natasha, for being the best marshall /4th participant we can ever have.

Even though we didn't win at all, at least we did our best and we didn't came in last! To the other SFC participants. Nice meeting you folks! I'll be blog hopping to your blogs soon!


Hon Mun said...

Congratulations! We win goodies bag! omg! *ss*

Joo Hui said...

Hooray!! Goodies bag Bansai!

Jasraj Sandhu said...

It was great getting to know you at the event.

Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

Really great to know you gal.. wish we will meet each other again~ :P

YeeLeng said...

lol..yup yup.. we won goodies bag!!

nice knowing you too Raj.. =)

hi anonymous! hope to meet u again too.. ermm who are you ar?

RunWitMe said...

Yee Leng....Your pic is featured in blogmob...Our team too.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Sun from Samsung.. hhehe..

YeeLeng said...

Lol.. hi Sun!