Saturday, September 27, 2008

Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya

Sorry, this post was late. I thought of blogging it before you guys are going there today but I was too busy ....... and lazy.

Okays.. Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya is located in Shah Alam. It's best to go early in the morning or else the weather will be hot and tiring.

Early breakfast at Mcd, KD

As you can see from the map, the place is huge!

IMG_8578 copy
Click in for a bigger pic

To get around, do rent a bicycle. The places are quite far from each another.

IMG_8584 copy

Biking there was really really fun and it does test your endurance and stamina. The best part is when you ride down the slope without applying any brakes. Nice!

Okay, I don't bike a lot so I might exaggerate a little.

IMG_8588 copy

The old bicyles are for rent at RM 3 for the first hour and the new bicycles are RM 5 for the first hour. To extend the next hour it is only RM 1. Not bad right?

IMG_8593 copy

I couldn't get hold of a new bicycle because that day there was a BIG group of students and within a few minutes, the new ones were snatched away. The old ones are in okay condition but do check the brakes and try on it before you paddle away because it's damn tiring to go back to change another bicycle, if you are already far far away.. lol

Part of the attraction there is Skytrex Adventure! I'm coming back again for it.

IMG_8614 copy

For more details on Skytrex, you can go to the website displayed on the banner or you can visit here for more photos of Skytrex and more information on Taman Pertanian.

IMG_8607 copy
I swear I didn't not touch the dirty glove and made it to show peace sign.

IMG_8599 copy
Some weird looking plant

This is Menara Cherakah

IMG_8616 copy

IMG_8639 copy

According to the sign, it said "Lawatan anda ke taman ini tidak sempurna sekiranya anda tidak mendaki tangga Menara Cherakah" which means your visit to this park will not be complete without climbing the steps to Cherakah Tower.

Omg, I actually believed that and I climbed up the steps. When I got on the top level of the tower, I can only see

IMG_8619 copy

Lots of tree

IMG_8621 copy
Trees again

IMG_8623 copy
And trees.

So disappointing. I thought I can see the whole park view. Oh right, maybe the trees grew taller and blocked the view. I shouldn't have climbed up here and because of that, I had rashes on both of my hands because I rest my arms on the railing.

Mine was really bad compared to others, after 6 weeks, it is still here. Sad... don't touch anything if you're climbing up there.

Some photos from there:

IMG_8627 copy


IMG_8642 copy
Taman Kaktus

IMG_8647 copy
Our bicycles

IMG_8670 copy
Dragonfly.. taken around Cactus Garden, how ironic

IMG_8707 copy
Taman Haiwan.. (I know you can read the sign)

IMG_8684 copy
A talking parrot and a very dramatic one too

I haven't really finish venturing the whole place yet. So that's all about Taman Pertanian. I shall dedicate the last photo to MT due to the ban on rabbit candy even though this rabbit is not really pretty but it is still a rabbit la right?

IMG_8697 copy

Thanks to all the people who blew my initial plan.. Yays.. I'm going to Fireman for dinner!


cmei said...

ur weird plant is fern... ei i like the draginfly picture.. cantik betul.. love the colour..

YeeLeng said...

fern ar? tapi mcm ada kulat around it.. lol..

cmei said...

yaya.. fern.. hehe.. was once in my bio project.. n oso toiletries packaging.. sei oso can recognize althou got kulat tutup..

Shiveeleaves said...

the green daun on top of those daun kering is nice!

The Devil said...

nice pics ;)

YeeLeng said...


that one really kulat ke??? eeee...

YeeLeng said...
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Tim CT Tee said...

Thanks, that's a very good piece of information and pictures for the Taman Bukit Cahaya. I shall visit the park.

Passer by,

YeeLeng said...

Thanks Tim.. =)